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A Revolutionary Order Fulfillment System Combining Light Directed, Voice and Wireless Bar Code Scanning Technologies
US Patents 6,775,588 / 8,019,463

The FastFetch Multimodal Batch Picking System for Warehouse and Distribution Centers

What is FastFetch?

FastFetch is a unique picking system targeted at:
  • Piece or case picking - ideal for store replenishment or internet order fulfillment
  • Fast picking - typically more than doubling the speed of other technologies
  • Accurate picking - achieving virtually 100% accuracy
  • Low cost of ownership - typically with an ROI payback period from 6 to 12 months.

The FastFetch system uses:
  • Tablet PC  running the Windows operating system
  • The SQL database system in both the Tablet PC and the database server
  • An Optimizer PC running the standard Windows operating system to easily interface to any system and to optimize order batching and warehouse routing. 

, the system couples light modules on cart locations with light modules on picking bay locations to call fast and accurate attention to bay picking locations and cart putting (customer order) locations and to enable cluster picking

, the system uses to direct a picker to a bay location and a wireless Bluetooth scanner to scan the bar code on either the location or product to confirm correct picking.   Light modules on the cart continue to designate correct placement into customer orders. 

FastFetch can be configured to accommodate any combination of carts and bays, with or without light modules, to support a mix of fast and slow velocity item picking using one of several picking methods.  The system can also be configured to be used without carts as a conventional .  The system is designed to be fault tolerant with its extensive "fail soft" design and supports the picking methodology with its Dynamic Zone picking capability.  Web-based, performance management reporting comes standard with the system.

Light Module In summary, the FastFetch system combines the best features of several with new optimization to provide a low-cost, highly effective and efficient system with an extremely attractive ROI.

View a short video of FastFetch in action or a longer instructional video.